The Bredesen Protocol

New Zealand client with Alzheimer’s Disease shows rapid improvement on our Reversal Program.

Watch the video to hear how our program changed his life.

After being diagnosed with MCI then Alzheimer’s type dementia in 2015, Roy’s memory and quality of life were deteriorating. His wife Trish contacted us in October 2016 and they describe his improvement in cognition and outlook after just 4 months on our 12 month comprehensive program.


Video dated March 2017, Roy officially began our Coaching and Facilitation Program November 2016. 

100 Cases of Reversal of Cognitive Decline

We co-published a paper with Professor Dale Bredesen in 2018, which documents the reversal of 100 cases of cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s Disease and its harbingers Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI).


We are honoured to be the only practitioners outside of the USA to contribute to this paper, with 10 of the cases being our clients in New Zealand and Australia.

What is the Bredesen Protocol?

Overview of the Protocol


What We Do

Stories from our Clients

Hear from our private clients on how our programs have helped their cognitive abilities, their wellbeing, and relationships with their loved ones.

The Team

Specialists in the Bredesen Protocol since April 2016.


Dave Jenkins

• Optimal Health Consultant
• Certified Bredesen Practitioner
• Founder of Humanitarian Aid Organization SurfAid


Miki Okuno

• Holistic Nutritionist
• Clinical Hypnotherapist
• Master NLP Practitioner
• Certified Bredesen Practitioner

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