New Zealand Client Shows Rapid Improvement

Watch the video to hear how quickly his symptoms improved on the Bredesen Protocol

After being diagnosed with MCI then Alzheimer's type dementia in 2015, Roy's memory and quality of life were deteriorating. His wife Trish contacted us in October 2016 and they describe his improvement in cognition and outlook after just 4 months on our 12 month Bredesen Protocol Facilitation Program.

Video dated March 2017, Roy officially began our coaching program November 2016. Note: everyone's result is individual and this is just one example and not in any way a guarantee, claim or promise that your experience will be the same.

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What We Do

We work with participants worldwide through a model with their local doctors. We were among the first 100 people to be trained by Professor Dale Bredesen at the Buck Institute in early and mid 2016 and quickly realized that implementation of the multi-faceted protocol through coaching and involving our client's family, doctors, and wider support network were important keys to understanding the dynamics surrounding one's situation and how to further provide support. Our experience suggests that this approach is preferred by our participants worldwide with the following potential benefits:

More comfortable than traveling to a far away specialist

Saves money on flights and accommodation

Saves valuable time from the comfort of home

Allows your family and support person to participate in online coaching sessions and ask questions

Encourages ongoing support through your local doctor, which keeps them in the forefront

All programs include membership to our private support group where you can connect with other clients on the program, online webinars and educational tools such as step-by-step activities, guides such as tracking sheets, diaries, daily checklists, how to build a support network, habit change techniques, how to build motivation, how to incorporate new habits with old ones, how to get the most out of your program, and tips such as what to do when dining out, what apps to use for tracking progress, etc.

All participants are to read Dale Bredesen's book "The End of Alzheimer's" to build your understanding of the protocol.

We do not make any claims on the efficacy of the Bredesen Protocol, you can learn about the Protocol and the Science behind it on Bredesen's website Apollo Health (renamed from AHNP Precision Health).

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