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Please keep in mind that results are personal and our client’s stories do not predict an outcome for any other individual.

Sue - Age 58 - ApoE 3/3

Sue came to us with issues regarding memory and executive function. Her lifestyle, including exercise and diet, were already compliant with the protocol, but it was only after sophisticated testing that the underlying cause of her decline was revealed – mercury. 

Her blood level of mercury was within Bredesen’s target range, but her tissue levels were extremely high. Unfortunately the ReCODE Report only considers blood levels and does not analyse comprehensive testing for mercury and toxins. In many cases, such as this, an experienced practitioner is vital in assisting optimal outcomes.

Bill - Age 72 - ApoE4/4

Bill presented with a typical story of cognitive decline with his scores being diagnostic of “mild cognitive impairment”. Testing showed he had many perturbations including “kealy gut” and high levels of iron/ferritin and mercury.


With the strong support of his wife, Philippa, Bill embarked on a comprehensive detox, supplements and lifestyle changes to support his neurons. Over the next 10 months, his cognitive percentile score improved from the 7th to the 12th percentile, enabling Bill to continue his active and enjoyable quality of life.

Vicki - Age 58 - ApoE 3/3

Vicki came to us having been diagnosed with early onset dementia. 

Testing revealed multiple perturbations including high heavy metal levels. Following a detox protocol and significant changes to nutrition and exercise, Vicki improved considerably, allowing her to stay living alone in her home. 


Her ACER cognitive scores improved from 66/100 to 75/100 in 10 months, with her dementia care working saying she had never seen anyone improve like Vicki did.

Read from Our Clients

Male / Age 75 / Australia

Australia's first Bredesen Protocol Participant

June 2016 - after 3 months on our program

SB - Son of Client

"Since Dad has been on the program he’s lost over 10kgs and looks really fit but the physical change, while impressive at 75, is not the big difference.

For his family, one difference is that he initiates conversations about interesting topics rather than dragging out old anecdotes.

Over the last few years in social situations he would get frustrated, close down, demand everyone slow down (we all talk fast and at once when together), lose his temper, complain he’s being excluded or just get up and walk away.

Now, rather than avoiding what could be a daunting experience, he’s happily participating, debating current events and joking along.

A streak of negativity and anxiety has been replaced by a positive openness and engagement that I / we have not experienced in a decade.

Willingness to experience new things is the new normal after years of convenient, localised and safe routine activities which had been contracting into increasingly smaller circles around him. With an increase in confidence he’s also able to make mistakes without reacting by getting angry, finding fault or withdrawing.

Everyone is amazed and asks, 'Wow, what’s the Old Man on?!'"

Female / Age 61 / New Zealand

Type 3 - Mould/Mycotoxins and Mercury

After 12 months on our Program

JL - Client

"Thanks to your work, I now feel like I am on track to recovery. I know I still have a long way to go but at least I can manage my life again which is a great relief.

I have followed “alternative” health regimes most of my life, swimming against the tide with both my doctors and family. So having the support of medical practitioners such as you and Dale has saved my life.

I was able to resist heaps of negative feedback that ranged from “you’re ok- stop being a hypochondriac” to “alternative medicine is a load of rubbish – you’re wasting your money”.

I can never thank you enough for pulling me out of the steep cognitive decline I was falling into – just in time. You are the only person who could have done it for me. You have exposed me to so many things that I have never heard of and I’ve learnt so much.

I am deeply grateful for all your work, help and support."

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